Wagar Global Advisors


Lourdes Lurigados


Lourdes Lurigados has over twenty years of experience in government and consulting. She has a degree in communications, and has held communication and operations positions for elected officials, non-profit initiatives, and for firms in the field of advising and consulting. She has experience designing and operating management systems as well as coordinating and implementing communications strategies. Lourdes is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and is proficient in a wide variety of software systems.

Lourdes began working in public affairs at Miami-Dade County with elected officials from 2000-2006 and transitioned to consulting and non-profit initiatives in 2010. As a Consultant to The Connor Group Miami, a boutique consulting firm assisting businesses in obtaining municipal contracts, Lourdes worked with the President on the daily operations of the firm. As Project Coordinator for the Good Government Initiative, an organization hosting the Leaders of Excellence program at the University of Miami; a government-101 style course for local and state elected officials, Lourdes assisted the Executive Director and Program Manager with all operational facets of the program. Lourdes is currently the Director of Operations for Connor Wagar, a strategic communication and government relations firm and Wagar Global Advisors.